Our Philosophy

In relation to children

  • Each child needs to feel welcome, secure and supported through trusting relationships
  • Young children learn best through play and being able to explore and discover their environment
  • Children should have freedom to make individual choices and decisions that influence outcomes and possibilities
  • Children have a lot to contribute to the world
  • Every child’s needs, abilities, interests and learning styles are different
  • Each child is a member of a family group and also of the community as a whole

In relation to families

  • Best results are achieved by working in partnership and collaborating with families
  • Families are the most important aspect of a child’s life
  • Each family has its own parenting styles, beliefs, religion and culture
  • Every family needs to feel welcome and comfortable within the centre, programs, environment and routines
  • Families are a valuable learning resource and are encouraged to participate in their child’s learning experience

In relation to staff

  • Early childhood educators are committed to equity and believe in each child’s potential
  • Educators encourage each child’s participation and inclusion in the centre
  • Each staff member has qualities, strengths, knowledge and different attributes that bring valued diversity to the centre
  • There is always opportunities for personal and professional growth, learning and development
  • Staff work together and motivate and support each other, abide by regulations, actively participate in centre decisions and contribute to ensuring a continuous process of quality improvement

In relation to the community and environment

  • There are many valuable cultures and beliefs that make up our community
  • The centre collaborates with services within the community to increase knowledge and experiences
  • Specialist community services are accessed for the benefit of children and staff development
  • The centre provides an environment that is inclusive, promotes competence, independent exploration and learning through play
  • The centre takes an active role in caring for the environment and contributes to a sustainable future

In relation to education and programs

  • Family, children, staff and the community all have an active part in programs that are offered
  • Programs are based around the children’s interests, strengths, needs, development and experiences
  • Programs are play-based, flexible and allow for children to make decisions and choices
  • Reflective practices help educators identify where changes and improvements are needed
  • Ongoing study is vital for further development of educators and their ability to deliver quality care and education to children